Senior API Developer (Pune area – 1 position)

At Ajira AI, we focus on developing smart products that leverage artificial intelligence algorithms. We build complex cloud based and mobile business applications. However, make no mistake, we solve very significant systems problems along the way. Our products work across our customers ecosystems to help people.

We’re very pleased to be expanding our development team. We’re a close-knit group of innovators that have previously launched very successful companies. We are growing in spite of the Covid-19 slowdown and we’re now looking to add a Senior API Developer to our team in Pune.

You have extensive experience with C#.NET core as well as an ORM such as Dapper or nHibernate.  Fundamental knowledge of efficient server side development and Web APIs is mandatory.  Any experience with NodeJS is welcome. You are the kind of developer that other developers seek out to solve their technical difficulties. You keep up to date with what’s happening in the C#.NET and Dapper/nHibernate world. You are motivated to learn new technologies.

That’s a high level summary of what we’re looking for but before we dive into the detail, you’ll probably want to know who you are going to be working for and what your work environment will be like:

Who we are:

We are an Insurtech company with a core mission of leveraging ai algorithms and techniques to solve complex business problems. We like to think that solving these business issues for our customers helps make them better at serving their customers. Some of our applications help people who may be injured or have been in an accident. In our opinion that’s a worthwhile pursuit. While our current business vertical is insurance, we see our technology expanding to other business verticals with time.

We love what we do and not the least of which is that we have the opportunity to try out and ‘play’ with the latest advances in tools and technology.

Who you’ll be working with:

We are a collaborative, tight knit group of contributors. While we’re headquartered in the Chicago area in Lisle, our software labs are in Pune, India. We have decades of experience working with remote team members. We’re looking to expand our Developer positions in Pune, India.

You’ll find our CTO a joy to work with; someone with excellent technical skills, always willing to mentor, roll up his sleeves and get deep into the technical issues. He possesses rare technical insight and no matter the day or time he’s always willing to contribute to move things forward. Our CEO is a rare combination of business and technical skills with remarkable vision and the ability to easily cut through the most complex issues to find the simplest answer. You’ll be working side by side as a member of our technical team in what will be an amazing opportunity for you.

Your work environment:

We are a group of talented and dedicated individuals and through we are a software company, we have a ‘no insane hours’ rule.

We are not clock watchers. If you need to take off for a couple of hours to visit the doctor or dentist go ahead. We look at what you’re accomplishing not how many hours you spend in the office. We conduct meetings on a daily basis with our Chicago office so some overlapping hours are necessary. During Covid-19 our entire team is working from home.

Our work is performed using the latest technology and tools. We’re constantly innovating and improving our delivery capability by building our own components and tools as well as licensing new tech that we’ve tried and works in our environment.

We are an open, collaborative work environment and suggestions are not just welcome, they are appreciated. You’ll find our product roadmap is exciting and full of opportunity.  We believe in compensating our core team with higher than prevailing market wage.

Your skills:

You keep up with technology changes and trends

You are a top notch Developer whose code not only solves complex issues but is written in such a way that the rest of your team is able to understand. This means that you’re not shy about documenting your code and you understand the need for coding standards and why everyone should use them

You are motivated. You have amazing debugging skills and are quick at identifying and fixing bugs

You are skilled with C#.NET and C#.NET core 

Deep knowledge of multi-threading, efficient and accurate array handling, singletons,  concurrency, batch environments and restart logic

You understand MVVM and MVC thoroughly

You possess a good experience with the use of an ORM such as NHibernate, Dapper etc

Any hands-on with NodeJS is preferred

Any SQL database experience is a plus as is any background in math

You have developed, implemented and supported complex business applications at work

How to apply:

Send a pdf of your resume to

This post can also be found at We look forward to hearing from you