Smart solutions enabling digital transformation in P&C Insurance

Ajira AI builds smart, innovative products for P&C Insurance 

Our intelligent solutions blend emerging technologies including mobile, cloud, artificial intelligence, voice, video and IoT


Ajira IntelliXform™ is a highly configurable, secure, scalable, mobile and web platform for digital transformation in  insurance. It significantly boosts customer experience while enabling sales engagement & digital distribution. It offers quote, policy, billing and claims servicing to agencies, prospects,  policyholders, claimants etc.  Carriers may offer our IntelliXform platform with their current Agency Portal or Policyholder Portals.  Alternately they may leverage IntelliXform’s web portals.


IntelliFROI™ is a smart product that focuses on the workers compensation market. It’s an early incident reporting tool that directly addresses claim lag thereby reducing claims costs. We believe that insurance carriers, state funds, PEOs, self-insureds and municipalities will benefit significantly by implementing this tool.


IntelliFNOL™ is a smart product that focuses on commercial lines in property & casualty insurance. It is a robust and powerful early loss reporting tool that directly addresses timely data collection with a policy coverage check, unlimited photo and video capture, configurable workflow and a seamless on demand customer configurable set of data elements.


IntelliFRAUD™ is a smart product that leverages artificial intelligence to detect fraud in commercial and workers compensation lines of property & casualty insurance. Fraud may occur at any time. IntelliFRAUD is an early fraud detection and warning tool that also continues to warn of fraud as transactions occur throughout the business lifecycle of policy administration, premium audit, claims processing, provider management and payment processing.


IntelliLP™ is a smart product featuring a smartphone app that works seamlessly with a cloud based web application to address loss prevention and loss control. In addition to managing loss prevention teams, assignments, approvals and the overall loss prevention workflow, IntelliLP features a dynamic survey creation engine that allows our customers to create a survey in minutes.


IntelliAUDIT™ is a smart product featuring a smartphone app that works seamlessly with a cloud based web application to provide workers compensation carriers with a superior premium audit capability. In addition to providing a carrier’s policy holders with a self-reporting capability, IntelliAUDIT is able to process audit data from a policy holder’s payroll service.

AI Platform

Ajira AI’s artificial intelligence platform addresses the claim lifecycle in its initial release. Future releases will address loss control and underwriting. The AI platform may be implemented to work with any core system workflow through API integration. The Ajira AI APIs are a set of published REST APIs that perform specific tasks such as video analysis, identification, scoring and alerts.

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