Chief Business Development Officer (Chicago area)

At Ajira AI, we focus on developing smart products that leverage ai algorithms. We build complex cloud based and mobile business applications. However make no mistake, we solve very significant systems problems along the way. Our products work across our customers ecosystems to help people.

We’re very pleased to be expanding our management team. We’re a close knit group of innovators that have previously launched very successful start-ups. Our track record building successful technology businesses and reputation is helping us grow and we’re now looking to add a Chief Business Development Officer to our executive team.

You have extensive experience with direct sales, business development, running sales operations and partner alliances. You are well versed with all aspects of the presales process, product marketing and the value driven sales approach. You have experience working as part of a management team to develop and implement sound business strategies addressing clear messaging, branding, positioning, product campaigns, business case development, product selection, demonstrations, closing sales and post sales follow-up. You make use of campaigning, tracking and measurement tools such as Salesforce, Constant Contact etc on a daily basis. You are results focused with a successful track record in helping your prior employers hit their business and sales targets. If you’ve worked previously with a start-up and understand how to work in a fast paced environment with accountability to investors that is a plus.

That’s a high level summary of what we’re looking for but before we dive into the detail, you’ll probably want to know who you are going to be working for and what your work environment will be like:

Who we are:

We are an early stage start-up with a core mission of leveraging ai algorithms and techniques to solve complex business problems. We like to think that solving these business issues for our customers helps make them better at serving their customers. Some of our applications help people who may be injured or have been in an accident. In our opinion that’s a worthwhile pursuit. While our current business vertical is insurance, we see our technology expanding to other business verticals with time. Our founders have a solid track record of starting technology companies and making them successful.

We love what we do and not the least of which is that we have the opportunity to try out and ‘play’ with the latest advances in tools and technology.

Who you’ll be working with:

We are a collaborative, tight knit group of contributors. Our CEO is a rare combination of technical and business skills with remarkable vision and the ability to easily cut through the most complex issues to find the simplest answer. Our CFO brings many years of experience developing business models and pricing strategies. You’ll find our CTO a joy to work with; someone with excellent technical skills, always willing to mentor, roll up his sleeves and get deep into the technical issues. You’ll be working side by side with them and the rest of our management team in what will be an amazing opportunity for you.

Your work environment:

We are a group of talented and dedicated individuals and though we are a start-up, we have a ‘no insane hours’ rule.

We would prefer that you are able to work in the western Chicago burbs. Maybe you work downtown currently and have had it with the traffic, noise and long lines everywhere. In any case, after an initial settling in period when we would want to work in person in our office, we offer the ability to work remotely a couple of days a week so long as you are able to demonstrate that you are able to manage your work effectively.

We are not clock watchers. If you need to take off for a couple of hours to visit the doctor or dentist, go ahead. We look at what you’re accomplishing not how many hours you spend in the office.

Our work is performed using the latest technology and tools. We’re constantly innovating and improving our delivery capability by building our own components and tools as well as licensing new tech that we’ve tried and works in our environment.

We are an open, collaborative work environment and suggestions are not just welcome, they are appreciated. You’ll find our product roadmap is exciting and full of opportunity.

Your skills:

You keep up with technology changes and trends

You have a successful track record selling commercial insurance software products

You will invest the time needed to understand our market prior to developing clear messaging and sales campaigns for our products

You are a top notch sales and marketing professional that can articulate the perfect ‘pitch’ for our products

You will be working with and take direction from our CEO. Business strategies and sales targets will be mutually discussed and agreed upon

You will invest the time to learn our products so that you can perform independent product demonstrations

You understand positioning, media buys and how to work with industry analysts

You are motivated. You have the ability to organize a sales campaign from scratch and execute against it

You understand the sales lifecycle and will implement a tracking, qualification and monitoring process with Salesforce and Constant Contact with daily and weekly reporting.

You enjoy cold calling

You appreciate that all campaigns must be tracked and measured and tweaked when necessary

You are tireless when it comes to getting word of our brand and messaging out to prospects

You are an excellent communicator and collaborate extensively both internally and with prospects/customers

You understand the need for monthly and quarterly sales target meetings

You know how to hit your sales targets and have done so successfully in the past

You understand the need to hand off a customer after closing sales to the implementation team and how to maintain a post sales customer relationship

You understand that travel is necessary to visit prospects and customers

How to apply:

Send a pdf of your resume to

This post can also be found at

We look forward to hearing from you

If you’re not available or interested in this position but know someone who might be a good fit, please pass this along

Ajira AI is an equal opportunity employer however we do not sponsor H-1 visa applications.