Ajira MobileExpert™ is a highly configurable mobile platform for policy, billing and claims servicing. Insurance carriers are able to deploy this innovative mobile platform so it works seamlessly with their current Agency and Policyholder Portals or they may choose to deploy MobileExpert with its own proprietary Agency and Policyholder Portals.  

Some key features are:

MobileExpert is a highly extensible privately branded mobile platform that supports changing business needs well into the future protecting carrier investment. 

Its disconnected mode supports continued operation without Wi-Fi or cell coverage.  

MobileExpert supports sales, marketing and distribution channels using the latest mobile technology.  

It Improves collaboration and customer relationship management between carriers, agencies and their policyholders.

It optionally integrates with IntelliFROI and IntelliFNOL, our AI based incident management and reporting multi-line platforms.   

Ajira MobileExpert integrates seamlessly with any core system in real time with WebAPI integration or near real time with data interfaces.