The incident dashboard is the home page of the application and is displayed after a successful user login. The data and navigation elements displayed on the dashboard are controlled using role-based security. The incident dashboard provides access to all other areas of the application and is multi-line capable.


The incident dashboard has the following elements:

Navigation Menu
This is the menu bar at the top of the page and provides access to alerts, setup and security screens, and logout.

Easy Access Drawer
The drawer resides on the left most area of the screen and provides quick access to various parts of the application. The drawer consists of multiple categories, each containing links to one or more pages in the application.

Alerts Panel
Visible only to carriers, this panel displays critical real time data for Fraud and Subrogation alerts. Alerts are automatically generated by the application using a mix of smart algorithms and business rules.

Incidents Grid
The Incidents grid provides a listing of incident data that is reported by authorized users of the application. Incidents displayed in the grid may be either reported using IntelliFROI’s mobile app or entered using the web application.

Each row in the grid provides additional options to view/edit incident data, plus manage documents, notes and calendars for the incident.

The Add New button allows creating a new incident.

Incident Chart By Month
Displays a bar chart representing incident counts by month, for the last twelve months.